A little about me…hmm…well, I was born and raised in the South Suburbs of Chicago in a town called Chicago Heights.  Moved to a place called Manhattan (yes, there is more than one Manhattan, not in New York) which was close to Joilet, Illinois (famous for the Blues Brothers).  Then moved to Western suburbs of Chicago to a town called Oak Brook (famous for the McDonald’s University called Hamburger University…yes, McDonalds really has a University…try googleing it).  Joined the US Marines when I was 17 and went to basic training in San Diego.  I was stationed in Hawaii (yes, it was a “tough” duty station!!) and when discharged, I attended the University of Hawaii (go Rainbow Warriors!!).   After graduating with a Finance degree, started my career in Japan as a banker.  Then because my banking career was stagnant, I made a life changing career move into Human Resources.  I started out as a HR International Specialist, working at a Global 500 corporation called Kao Coporation (they own the Andrew Jergens company here in USA), basically starting out strategically, creating and revising global policy & procedures.  Whie in Japan, I was among the first in Japan to received a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certificate in 2000!  Then moved to Portland in 2001 and have been a Human Resources professional ever since….being both tactical (i.e. hands-on, everyday HR stuff like recruiting, payroll, employee relations, etc.) and the strategic (i.e. like developing employees, organization development, etc.)…I have been successful at both!!   My former bosses & peers have always mentioned how versitle & flexible I am!!  I am also bilingual in Japanese.

Hope that wasn’t too boring?

Here’s a picture of me visiting Disney World…in case you can’t tell, I’m the one on the right!!


One response to “About

  1. Not boring at all Scott. Short and to the point. Nice bio. Now to add your picture and who knows what else. You can probably also add links on your sight in time. Keep up the good work. Love seeing your enthusiasm.

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