A little staycation – Wildwood Trail Hike

During these difficult economic times, the word “staycation” has become somewhat popular, in which an individual or family stays around one’s own neighborhood or takes day trips around their home to area attractions.   Although one lives in the area, you think “I have all the time in the world to visit, I will go some other time” or something similar and never really visit.  I remember when I was in Hawaii and never really visited the tourist attractions such as Arizona Memorial, Aloha Tower, Punchbowl, Polynesian Cultural Center, etc. until the last couple of months I was living there.

Well….not motivated to take a “staycation” per se, just have some free time and wanted to check out part of the 40-mile loop in Portland, so decided to take my dog Cutie on a little hike on part of this 40-mile loop.  I decided to try the Wildwood Trail.  This trail is over 30 miles (not all of it on the 40-mile loop) and I have heard many friends talk about this trail, how its not so difficult and they enjoyed it.

I started out at the trailhead located just South of Portland Audubon Society parking lot.  Walking North, the trail climbs about 400 feet kind of quickly then levels off.  The trail was clear and wide enough for people to pass on either side.  There were other hikers with their dogs and people used the trails for cross country running.   I had a good time walking about 2 miles (30 minutes) at a leisurely pace.  There were many trees and some birds, even saw a couple of what I think were squirrels?  Took a break where there was a bench and took a couple of pictures…then headed back the 2 miles to the car.  Great relaxing way to spend an afternoon and to explore one’s own city!  I think I am going to make it my goal to hike the entire 40-mile loop!

Finished walking about 30 minutes

On the way home, took time to climb a log with my dog Cutie


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