Black Friday Shopping Experience

Don’t you think family traditions are great!!  Many family traditions involve or center around food, but not our family.  We enjoy our first seasonal Christmas “celebration” by getting up early and participating in the first “official” day of Christmas shopping season, otherwise known as Black Friday.   This tradition is rather new for us, started about 10 years ago and I must admit, the excitement is not as great as the first couple of years were.  But none-the-less, we do enjoy it.

Yesterday we decided to have roast beef dinner instead of turkey and had a beautiful dinner.  Then dutifully, looked at the advertisement inserts to the Thanksgiving edition of the Oregonian.  There must have been over 50 different inserts.  I remember when we first started this tradition, stores would open up at 6am, this morning there were a bunch of stores open at 4am!!  Can you believe that?!  We always start out at 5am or so and this year was no different.

So we woke up at 5am, left at 5:30am and went to JCPenny at Clackamas Town Center first.  We received the miniature Christmas snowglobe ornament like we have received for every year…then started  a looking for “door buster” bargains and found some.  By 6:15am we were on the road going to our next stop, Walmart.  Approaching the parking lot from the street, we saw a lot of cars parked on the street and thought is there that many shoppers here?  When we got into the parking lot, circled around for several minutes until we found a parking spot we realized all of Portland must be in the store!  It was packed!  As soon as we walked into the store, we saw lines of people lining up to pay for their merchandise.  Every cash register was open and there must have been at least 50 people or so at each of the 15 cash registers we counted.  Same long line was at other cash registers located in electronics, pharmacy and garden center.  I couldn’t believe it.  Seemed most people were buying mostly toys and electronics and clothes…

We left that store and went to Target close by…very similar crowd.  Wow, we’re in tough economic times yet the stores are this busy?  This was probably the busiest I have seen it.  A couple of years ago, I was one of the crazy ones to wait for hours (not camp overnight) at a Toys-R-Us to buy the newly released Wii game console, but the line was never more than 50 people…and it was only one line.

Maybe next year, we’ll rethink this tradition and start another one tradition…any thoughts?


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  1. Nice article. Thank 🙂

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