Social Media Recruiting

Went to a seminar on Friday where the presenter mentioned a couple of “interesting” facts…

  • Only 30% of the jobs available are posted on sites such as Monster/Career Builder/Hot Jobs
  • Employers are using social media sites (i.e. facebook, linkedin) to “pre-screen” candidates
  • Twitter is being used to source candidates

It does seem like the natural progression of social media is to help others get a job, but I wonder just how “popular” social media recruiting has become and did a quick google search and wow, there is soo much information.  But there really is not much data.  One company called Jobvite, which has a product that ties social networks (i.e. facebook, linkedin, etc.) to company’s jobs announcements, has started a annual survey which (2009 survey was published in April 2009), claims that about 70% of companies (or survey respondents) use social media for recruiting.

That is to source candidates…I wonder if social media sites are being used AFTER sourcing?  Where HR looks at a resume and “screens” the information on the resume with a social media site like facebook or linkedin?  Sounds logical and I have heard that since the info posted on social media sites are peer reviewed, they are considered “more accurate” than a resume…hmm, just wonder how prevalent use of social media is?

I will start a survey and post results soon!


2 responses to “Social Media Recruiting

  1. Recruiters are always looking for ways to prove their worth….social media has deffientely helped us! I too use Linkein and Twitter to source out thoes “hard to find” candidates. Taking that extra step to turn over rocks to find that true gem is deffinetely worth it. I have found that candidates will update thier Linkedin accounts before their resumes. That right there makes Linkedin a VERY valuable tool for HR and Recruiters everywhere.

  2. Scott,
    That’s great that you had fun with your training presentation. I’m kinda surprised this is the first time you’ve been skill-tested in an interview. Be prepared: this is the “wave” of many of the current practices in interviewing candidates. Definitely the State of Oregon is doing this now only their group interview process requires you sit through every candidate’s presentation(s). And of course, there’s more… In some ways, I concur this can be useful. I’d need to see it from the other side of the desk before I make a full judgment and let’s hope I get on that other side soon (as do you and all our 12% peer members).

    I’m glad to see you are keeping your blog going. It’s a challenge but can be fun, also.

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