Radio Resume

In the age of superfast commuication via texting and twitter, there still are some old methods used to promote oneself in a  “new” way…specifically using the radio! Clear channel in Portland is having a contest in which people who are searching for opportunities can enter into a contest and if choosen, the person can stop by the Clear Channel studios on SW Macadam and record a 20 second “infomercial” (i.e. radio resume) about themselves.  You can enter at any of the 7 clear channel radio stations and it doesn’t matter which one you enter (i.e.,,,,,,, just search radio resume at any of these and you will be taken to a form to complete…click here for 1059thebrew’s registration form).

I entered on Sunday and the next day, I received an email from Dana Jefferies (K103 radio personality) that I “won” and asked to visit the studios to record my “infomercial”.  Mind you, I was informed I have only 20 seconds and should keep to 3 sentences max….so I made arrangements to visit and drafted my pitch.  Yesterday, I visited Clear Channel and met Dana.  I was told that I really only have 16 seconds, the last 4 seconds is to tell people where to go to view my resume.  So on my first take, I stuttered a little and my “pitch” was 19 seconds.  Good for starters, and Dana has equipment which she can take out milliseconds of blank airtime and make it sound smoother.  But I had to cut it down 3 seconds (about 8-10 words I was told)….so FINALLY on the 4th recording…I finally got it down to 16 seconds.  Then I recorded “you can view my resume at (one of the  7 websites)” and I sounded out each website address (above)…so my “infomercial” will be played on all 7 stations.  Starting on Friday, July 24th for one week.  There will be 4 other people who recorded their “infomercia” and each station will rotate to another person’s “informerical” all next week!

It was an interesting experience and perhaps it will lead to more visibility? Here is my what I recorded:

“My name is Scott Edwards a Human Resource professional with a finance degree and tested business skills.

I’m able to handle strategic as well a hands-on HR duties and I’m passionate about my work.

I’m looking for a organization to join where I can proactively align their human resources with business success.”

Just curious…do you think this 20 second informercial counts against my 15 minutes of fame we’re all supposed to have sometime in the future?


3 responses to “Radio Resume

  1. Gene Fifield

    Yes I did hear your radio resume just now on KPOJ 620AM @ 8:08PM. Way to use the media! You were clear and for 16 seconds packed in your elevator speech well.

  2. Hi! Scott,
    I recorded my elevator speech last week.
    Have you received calls from prospective employers?
    Thank you,

  3. scottedwardssphr

    Hi Elsa,
    No…I didn’t receive any calls from prospective employers but did hear that other friends who also did a radio resume, receive calls from employers. Any exposure to connections helps!!

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