Trees and one’s career – is there similarities?

Had a chance to visit the World Forestry Center accross from the Oregon zoo the other day…which according to their website ( has many exhibits which are “designed to engage visitors to learn about the sustainability of forests and trees of the Pacific Northwest and around the world.   There are exhibits about how forests are planted and harvested of course and also displays of types of forests (broadly classified into 4 types, if interested in the types, see

But there was a display of the cross section of 3 logs where you can see the rings.  One of the cross sectioned log was very big, then a medium one and a smaller one.  Apparently, trees grow every part of the year, but in the summer, when there is plenty of water, warmth and sun they grow more rapidly than the winter when the growth is much slower because these elements are not there.  Thus the rings are much more concentrated and dense, therefore look darker in winter than the other 3 seasons.

Kind of reminds me of one’s career.  Similar to a tree, there are times when we’re in the right environment, there are challenges or roadblocks ahead of us or we are motivated by some external force (maybe a raise or promotion) and we grow more.  With these different knowledge and experiences accumulated, we can then use them for the next time we encounter something similar but we wait until the next time arrives.  In the meantime, we don’t grow as much (at least in our career, we may grown in different area).

Just thought it was similar…would love to hear your thoughts!


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