Mirror Lake

Today, decided to go take a hike…literally!!  So after researching various hikes in Mt. Hood area, decided to go to Mirror Lake because everyone (who comments on these things) mentioned the views are absolutely beautiful and the length is only 3.6 miles (round trip) with very little elevation climb.  According to the map, the trailhead seems to be close to the tiny town of Zigzag…but when I get to zigzag, do not see the trailhead…go a little further, still no trailhead.  Finally, what seems like very close to the town called Government Camp, find the trailhead.  After getting my hiking boots on, start on the trail and wouldn’t you believe it…there was snow!  Not a little snow, but VERY DEEP (over 3 feet in some places).  Although somewhat slippery in someplaces…it was passable.  I am glad that I went!!  The view was absolutely beautiful!!!  Alhough a large part of the lake was frozen, there was one part which reflected the snowy figure of Mt. Hood perfectly.  Took plenty of pictures of course…and then went back to the car.  Spent a total of 3-1/2 hours (about 1-1/2 hour to the lake, 45 minutes back (downhill) and 1 hour enjoying the view).   I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND this trail for anyone who hasn’t seen mirror lake.  The elevation climb is not too much and the views are breathtaking!!


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