I had the opportunity to volunteer some of my expertise today to help job seekers “tune-up” their resume at a “back-to-work” program run by a local church.  Interestingly, even though I have over 10+ years of HR experience, even I’ve been to resume writing classes before to learn from others.  There was a presentation from a recruiter and since I have performed lots of recruiting, there were some areas I chimmed in on too…then afterwards there was one-on-one sessions with the people…it felt good to give back some of my knowledge to these folks.  Some seemed almost clueless on how to proceed.  I hope my kernal of info helped them….


One response to “Volunteering

  1. Kelly Gallagher

    Thanks for the invite into your Linkedin network. I could use help on my resume, so maybe we can get together sometime and you can give me pointers. It does feel good to give back. I do not have many clues for your job hunt, but I do know that the center of hybrid vehicle research for Daimler Trucks in in Japan, with smaller research groups at locations in Portland and around the world. Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) could use some good HR talent when they recover from this recession.

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