Social Media and networking

Okay, so we have all heard about Social Media and how it can effectively be used in networking?!  I happened to go to a “Careers in Social Media” seminar yesterday, given by Kelly Feller, Social Media Strategist at Intel.  It is interesting some of the things I learned at the seminar, such as:

  • There are more companies using social media to connect with customers (Kelly cited a statistic that 90% people using social media sites for product research, but later discussed, that is 90% of people who is online)
  • customer service has always been important, but there is now some companies with customer service reps using social media to communicate to customers (not just chat).
  • Social media is not about getting a message out – rather it’s about finding more about your company in the world.

Kelly also mentioned that Intel has a “training” program for those employees interested in learning about social media and about 600 employees have participated in the training.  Intel has published their social media guidlines and even encourage non-Intel employees to post on their software blog (after going through some required training).  There are also new careers that just started such as social media strategiest and social media strategist, etc.

There were about 150 people at the seminar (maybe the free beer, sponsored by Windmere was the incentive?)

Also a mention about, which is a site where people can click thru to get Intel to donate $$ to charity.  Intel is spending $0 in marketing the site, they want to see how much word of mouth advertising can make this charity go!

By the way…one person’s opinion of the the current “TOP 10 SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES FOR JOB SEARCHING” are at the link:


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