2010 Census

Our US Constitution requires a (somewhat small) government agency known as the US Census Bureau tries to count every single person in the US every ten years to determine (amongst many other reason) how many members of Congress can be allocated to each state.  This year, I heard that they were needing some people to help them out, so I took the initial test (46 questions I believe, a couple of math questions and other questions to determine the logical order, or the shortest route between 2 points and some other detailed questions).  I passed that test with a score of 97 and I was allowed to take the supervisors test…which I also passed and then I got a call mentioning they would like to hire me as a Assistant Crew Leader.  So I just finished my training (one week) and now I am an official census worker (for the time being)!  I get to assist in training and leading other people who will go to every door, condo, mobile home trailer and any where else people live (called LQ in census speak, short for living quarters) and confirm their address.

This first phase (confirming addresses) will last until mid-June.  I understand they have hired over 700 workers in the Portland Metro area.  I will be assisting in leading the workers assigned to a portion of SE Portland from NE Glisan  from the North, to just past I-205 on the West, Multnomah County border to the South (just past SE 92nd Ave), and all the way out to about SE 160th Ave to the East.  Starting the month of April, newly hired census workers will be walking to each house to confirm its address, first by knocking on the door.  EVERY HOUSE will be visited (or should be at least).  My job will be to ensure the census workers who are knocking on doors, follow procedure and confirm addresses into these little handheld computers.  It is going to be an interesting month!


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