Reflections on Leadership Style and Personal Development

Just completed a questionnaire from an employer who is interested in me to come to work with them.  It had 13 pages, filled with 90 questions in 4 parts:  (1) Insights into my personality (2) Viewpoints about life & work (3)  Motives  and (4) Thoughts & Attitudes.  There were some behavior interview type of questions (i.e. Describe a time when you had to coordinate a project across multiple groups, departments or organizations.), write down first impression to many questions (i.e. When in meetings…, I am at my best when…, A manager should…, Getting people to work…,) and other similar questions.  All the questions required some thought of course, but the Viewpoints were the toughest!!   I had to rank 11 factors tha influence job satisfaction and motivation towards work.  Rank in order of importance (#1 being the highest).  A LOW RANKING (i.e. #10 or #11) DOES NOT IMPLY THAT A FACTOR IS UNIMPORTANT, rather that it tends to be less of a concern to you than the other factors.  I copied & pasted the factors below…love to get your

thoughts on what the top 3 to 5 are and why (or even all 11!!).  Try guess what my top 3 are!

– – – – – – – –

Teamwork – To work closely with others to accomplish objectives; to be part of a team

Independence – to have freedom to structure, plan, and prioritize your own work.

Influence – To influence strategic decisions and how work is done.

Work-life balance To maintain an even balance between time spent on activities and interests both inside and outside of work.

Interest – To do work you find to be personally enjoyable; to work on things that interest you.

Security – To have stable employment, and a reliable source of income and benefits.

Ethics – To be part of an organization whose work supports your personal principles, values, and beliefs.

Fairness – To work in an environment where people are treated equally and impartially.

Compensation – To earn a good deal of money; to receive tangible reward for your work.

Achievement – To work on challenging tasks; to fully develop and apply your knowledge and skills.

Recognition – To be recognized and acknowledged for your accomplishments and results.


One response to “Reflections on Leadership Style and Personal Development

  1. The only “right” answers are the top ones that the fit the position and business.

    For instance, a sales or BD position, compensation would likely be in the top three. Where as in an HR position, teamwork ought to be in the top three.

    For the rest, it depends on the company. For instances, Plan Parenthood, would likely have work-life balance in their top three.

    The top 5 criteria I hear often from executives about what are they looking for in a new opportunity it is:

    the boss – not on the list
    teamwork – the team
    the business strategy – not on the list

    What I hear most from clients about attributes:

    Integrity – maybe ethics (worded too me focus)
    Impact = Achievement
    Intelligence – not on the list
    Inspired – not on the list

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