Blazers Game

Went to a Blazers game today!!  Basketball is my second favorite sport (football being my favorite by far)!!  Since I was born and raised in Chicago area, I am a big fan of sports teams from Chicago…EXCEPT for basketball (in the post Michael Jordan era).  For basketball, I am a Blazers fan!  They beat Memphis Grizzles by the score Trailblazers 94, Grizzles 90.  One player on the Grizzles, Darius Miles actually played about 10 minutes and was booed by the sellout crowd at the Rose Garden every time he touched the ball.  The Blazers signed him to a $48 million 6-year contract in 2004 and he hasn’t really played well since then.  The parking was terrible, had to park in Lloyd Center.  Exciting game except for the walk back to the car and the expensive nachos ($5.25)


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